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XBiz Awards 2016

So the week kicked off with the Cybersocket Awards, then the serious business of the XBiz Show convention, the Winter Wonderland party at the XBiz show, and then everything was topped off with the XBiz awards where GothicSluts.com was nominated for Adult Site of the Year – Niche. A lot of my c...( Read more )
Work Attire: XBiz Winter Wonderland

I bet lots of people need to ask themselves this question: “So red satin or leopard PJs for work party?” While the XBiz convention this month was mostly business, they did have some parties. One of them was the Winter Wonderland party at the top of the storied Andaz hotel. The dress...( Read more )
Adult Industry Insights from XBiz Show 2016

People periodically send me letters asking how they can be me. I don’t know that being me is always totally awesome, although I wouldn’t trade with anyone else. But I do know that the #1 piece of advice I would give anyone seeking to innovate is to go to trade shows in lots of...( Read more )
16th Cybersocket Awards 2016

Cybersocket Red Carpet by Fubar’s JFK for XBizForrest Black and I had the pleasure of attending the Cybersocket Awards again this year. This event has such a great energy and is always so much fun. Rather than having people sitting stiffly at tables, Cybersocket has everyone in a nightclub...( Read more )
GothicSluts.com Nominated for Adult Site of the Year - Niche

I am super duper excited to share that GothicSluts.com is nominated for Adult Site of the Year – Niche in the XBiz Awards! GothicSluts.com celebrates the darkly seductive style of those pale skinned beauties you find in dark smoky nightclubs with good music, in dominatrix dungeons, at...( Read more )
Blue Blood Exhibiting at HorrorCon Right Now

gothic, horrorcon, horror, blue blood, california deathrock, backstage passes, goth
( Read more )
Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yesterday, September 18th, I posted a Blue Blood countdown of the Top Ten Pirate Movies of All Time. I thought it was a fun round-up of flicks folks could watch to get psyched up for International Talk Like a Pirate Day today, September 19th. Some people got very worked up about the list and one...( Read more )
Top Ten Pirate Movies of All Time

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End — I’m going to count the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy which came out in 2003, 2006, and 2007 as all one entry in the...( Read more )
About Piratz Tavern or Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue on Spike is a Bigot

Years ago, when I lived in the DC burbs, Dennys was sued for discriminating against black customers. The Dennys near where I lived, the one the local punks used to get abused at, was named specifically in the suit because they had been evil about seating a couple of black Secret Service agents....( Read more )
Erotic Fandom!

Seeing the cantina scene in Star Wars was a watershed moment for me. I looked at the motley crew of freaks and degenerates and weirdos and heroes having fun and looking to be productive and I wanted to go to there. I love really over-the-top clothing and I’ve been really enjoying all the...( Read more )

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