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Celebrate the BLT Punk Humor Book at Release the Bats with Kommunity FK Tonight

As you probably know, quite a few of the images in Forrest Black’s and my California Deathrock book were shot at the old skool Release the Bats nightclub in Long Beach. Tonight, we’ll be celebrating the release of BLT 25: Black Leather Times Punk Humor and Social Critique from the...( Read more )
BLT Book #54 Bestseller in Punk and #12 in Collectibles

I am pleased as punch that today BLT 25: Black Leather Times Punk Humor and Social Critique from the Zine Revolution is ranking on two Amazon top 100 bestsellers lists! The book is #54 in Punk, right between Blondie and American Hardcore. And it is #12 in Magazine Collectibles, between Vanity...( Read more )
BLT Zine Book Available on Amazon

The BLT silver anniversary zine book is now available via Amazon! For Prime members, that means you can receive free two day shipping for this omnibus edition of every issue ever published of my punk humor zine Black Leather Times.

( Read more )
Crystal Delights - Spiders, Sugar Skulls, Dilators

One of the highlights of the recent Sexual Health Expo was meeting Shellie, the head honcho of Crystal Delights, so I wanted to spotlight them a bit more here. Crystal Delights makes a variety of really beautiful toys and medical devices. Gothic aficionados will especially appreciate that their...( Read more )
BLT Punk Humor Zine Books Are Hot Off the Press!

Guess whose living room is filled with cartons of books! I have a whole lot of copies of BLT 25: Black Leather Times Punk Humor and Social Critique from the Zine Revolution in my living room right now. All the backers of the BLT Kickstarter have BLT in their living rooms (or more debauched...( Read more )
SHE Sexual Health Expo 2016

SHE, the Sexual Health Expo, just finished its second annual event. SHE focuses on a sex-positive educational approach to, ya know, sex and human sexuality in general. This year, The Pleasure Chest was the premier sex ed sponsor of the show and addend their extensive workshop expertise to the...( Read more )
Hearts and Kittens

I frequently migrate holidays for convenience, as I often have to work on them. Plus, try to get a restaurant reservation on Valentines Day. Even if you get a good reservation, on February 14, you’ll be faced with staff pressed to make you turnover fast. So I personally will be celebrating...( Read more )
SLC Punk #1 Truest Depiction of Punk

I heading out to see the sold out showing of Punk’s Dead: SLC Punk 2 in Burbank. The original SLC Punk movie is, in my unequivocal opinion, the truest depiction of punk culture ever committed to film. Coming out of the DC scene, this movie set in Salt Lake City spoke to me far more than...( Read more )
XBiz Awards 2016

So the week kicked off with the Cybersocket Awards, then the serious business of the XBiz Show convention, the Winter Wonderland party at the XBiz show, and then everything was topped off with the XBiz awards where GothicSluts.com was nominated for Adult Site of the Year – Niche. A lot of my c...( Read more )
Work Attire: XBiz Winter Wonderland

I bet lots of people need to ask themselves this question: “So red satin or leopard PJs for work party?” While the XBiz convention this month was mostly business, they did have some parties. One of them was the Winter Wonderland party at the top of the storied Andaz hotel. The dress...( Read more )

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